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organization-project-ZEROWASTESVI.MED. was born in 2003 for supporting the processes of sustainable development of the territory, in order to implement processes within the European Mediterranean space. It sustains the European policies of cohesion and the effectiveness of the Göteborg Sustainable Development Strategy, through the research, the promotion and the safeguard of the resources and the environmental and cultural heritage, in a vision of sustainable and harmonic development of territories. 10 years of activities have brought SVI.MED. to creating national and international networks, elaborating and sharing strategies and models of development. The main field of intervention is the EU and Med area for the: identification and analysis of problems and possible solutions, individuation and coordination of international partnerships. Svi.Med. is partner and consultants for local and regional authorities in several projects under the programs ENPI CBC MED and Italia-Tunisia, O.P.MED, Life+, Interreg IVA Italia-Malta and direct call with European Commission.


SVI.MED. mainly addresses the activity to the City of Ragusa (capital of the homonym Province) that is situated in the south-east of Sicily, it counts around 70.000 inhabitants and an area of 442.37 km².
“Door to door” collection in the historic city center starting in April 2008 and step by step is being extended to the rest of the city serving at the moment a population of about 30,000 people. In the suburb areas the collection is developed with the presence on the streets of containers coloured differently depending on the different type of waste material (Organic waste; paper; glass and cans; plastic; non-recyclable waste). The percentage of separate collection, for the year 2013, is about 15% (regional average about 6%). Municipality collects the tax on municipal solid waste, based on the surface of the housing and commercial premises, but during the 2014 the Municipality is planning to renovate the waste management system, applying the PAYT (Pay as you Throw) for improving the quality of the separate waste and extending the door to door collection to all the city.





Previous experience


SVI.MED. was consultant for the MED project ZERO WASTE “Low Cost Zero Waste Municipality”, collaborating with Ragusa municipality for developing the main activities on the territory at communication and technical level. In particular SVI.MED. developed the organization of INFO DAYS around Italy, activities on the schools, collection of best practices at Italian level, organization of events for transferring some best practices in Ragusa, development of the pilot project involving 5 municipalities to distribute the home composting bins (to 350 families, monitoring and educating on the right use).
SVI.MED. is subcontractor for the Life+ project NO.WA “NO WASTE”. SVI.MED. supported Ambiente Italia srl during the collection of the best practices at international level for prevention and reuse, setting up a database useful for networking with other projects tackling the issue at Italian and European level.


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SVI.MED.. via Teocrito n. 6/A, 97100 Ragusa (Sicilia, Italia)
Phone: 0932247643
Name of contact person: Barbara Sarnari
Phone: 0039 3474233005
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Info day in the schools on home composting management for ZEROWASTE



SWMED partnership in Palestine to visit waste water treatment plant



SWMED partnership hosted by local people in Palestine visiting a grey-water reuse plant


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