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2orgcountrySRC Bistra Ptuj (Scientific Research Centre Bistra Ptuj) is the first officially registered interdisciplinary research institution in Slovenia. SRC Bistra Ptuj is a scientific research institute and a development institute whose aim is a substantive promotion of the developmental distinction of the operating area on all fields and according to internationally comparable criteria.

SRC Bistra Ptuj presents a supporting structure of the developmental environment of the region, intended for local communities and enterprises. It forms a creative research space between economy and the academic sphere.


Our aims:

  • Care for the promotion of the developmental distinction of the local area of the Central Podravje region on an internationally comparable level;
  • Communication and transfer of knowledge from universities and institutes into economy and small enterprises;
  • Co-creation of development ideas of enterprises and their transfer to research institutions.

Country with its laws and regulatory acts regarding the execution of obligatory municipal economic public services of collecting and transporting communal waste and discarding processing waste or disposal of communal waste prescribes a minimal normative framework to municipalities, which municipalities have to obey at their further regulation of public service areas.
In case of collecting and transporting and discarding processing waste or disposal of communal waste it is about the obligatory municipal economic public environment protection service, therefore decisions and responsibility are on the side of municipalities. The role of ministry is to assure that projects of local communities are in accordance with approved Slovenian and European legislation and are following the set goals regarding waste disposal and reduction of biological decomposable waste in disposed communal waste. When municipalities reach a consensus on location of waste management regional centers and regulate municipal spatial acts, MOP intervenes at acquiring EU funds and confirms a purpose use of environmental tribute for environment pollution because of waste disposal for investments into objects that are intended for common rescuing of communal waste problematic on inter-municipal, regional and inter-regional level.
Waste management relates to activities and measures for preventing waste formation and lowering their harmful influence on environment. It includes collection, transport, processing and disposal of waste, monitoring and tasks regarding legislation.


Environmental goals:
1. In accordance with Directive 2008/98/ES on waste, two environmental goals are precisely determined, namely:

  • till 2020 the preparation for reuse and recycling of waste material, like at least paper, metals, plastic and glass from households and possibly from other sources, if these waste streams are similar to the ones from households, increases to at least 50 % of joint weight;
  • till 2020 the preparation for reuse, recycling and material processing, including filling up with the use of waste for replacement of other material, harmless construction waste and waste from demolishing objects, except the material that is naturally presented, determined in category 17 05 04 from the list of waste, increases to at least 70% of joint weight.



  • identification of good-practice examples;1orgcountry
  • spread of new recycling methods through pilot activities;
  • increase of awareness level (knowledge, methods, cooperation processes, local pilot activities and innovative technologies for environmentally friendly waste management).
  • Different reading materials for consumers were created; waste separation manual, spelling-book, calendar for separation and online information
  • encouraging decision-makers for altering unsustainable forms of waste management (initiatives for local composting and use of compost, establishing REUSE corners for collection of used equipment and REUSE nooks for their renewal).
  • "Door to door" scheme establishment with execution of "yellow bag" program for original separation of all fractions of packaging waste


Main experiences:

  • Experts in managing the communication in EU projects, experts on the field environmental issue.
  • Experts in dissemination and exploitation of results and transfer results to target groups, experts in implementation of the scientific and training tasks.
  • Member in lot of national and international networks. Work with other partners for finding solutions and shared problems.



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