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The project “Promoting ZEROWASTE” bearing the acronym “ZEROWASTE PRO” was officially launched in July 2013 aiming to capitalize on methods and tools that have been produced under other co-financed projects for zero waste management schemes at the municipal and regional level. The project will run until December 2014 and is funded by ERDF through the European Territorial Cooperation Programme MED 2007-2013 and National Resources. Lead partner is the EGTC EFXINI POLI - Network of European Cities for Sustainable Development. The 11 European organizations involved in the project will focus on the three main pillars of zerowaste philosophy, namely Prevention, Reuse and Recycling, promoting best practices and tools in the Municipalities and Regions whose ultimate goal should be the waste management with minimal financial and environmental cost.

Zerowaste Pro video presentation

Project activities:

1. EGTC Efxini Poli-Network of European Cities for Sustainable Development (Lead Partner), GREECE
2. Ecological Recycling Society, GREECE
3. Svi Med, Mediterranean Center for Sustainable Development , Ragusa, ITALY
4. Ambiente Italia srl, ITALY
5. Research Centre Bistra Ptuj, SLOVENIA
6. Marche Region-Environmental and Agriculture Service, Waste Cycle, Soil Remediation and Industrial Risk Unit, ITALY
7. FAMCP, Federation of Regions, Municipalities and Provinces of Aragon , Spain
8. City of Bedekovčina, CROATIA
9. SERDA, Sarajevo Economic Regional Development Agency, Bosnia and Herzegovina
10. Chamber of Commerce of Marseille, France
11. WasteServ, MALTA

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