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Trainer's Handbook


The ZEROWASTEPRO trainer's hanbook is intended to provide a comprehensive governance andmanagement framework for local authorities to effectively and efficiently implement EU policies, strategies, legislation and commitments relevant to sustainable waste management in cities, towns and regions. It promotes integrated sustainable waste management, focused on municipal waste, by training officers of local authorities on the "green solutions" for waste management collected and analysed in ZEROWASTEPRO through the capitalization of EU best practices, in order to ensure that this knowledge produced will "remain" in municipalities also after the end of the project.

With three key elements –Trainer's handbook for local and regional governments, training-of-trainers course, guidance and operational tools (Guide for Green Solutions for Waste, Communication kit, Educational kit, CO2 calculator) - the ZEROWASTEPRO project seeks to develop in-country capacity for sustainable waste management by providing to EU member states practical experience and know-how in terms of contents and methods.

This document, the Trainer's handbook, will support trainers and participants to the training courses to
understand the offered training materials. It will support them to use the material appropriately and to
understand the logic behind the training modules. In general this training material is conceptualised to
train local government decision makers and local governmental staff to become Local Sustainable Waste
Management Experts.


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Educational kit

Modern societies which are based on overconsumption produce thousands of tons of waste every day most of the times without considering the consequences on the environment. However no matter how hard one tries to change habits it’s difficult to change behaviour from one day to the other. Thus, ZEROWASTE PRO partnership focuses on schools and young students. The young generation adopts new good habits very easily and is able to affect even older people living with them. This guide aspires to become a useful handbook in any teacher’s hands and help transfer Prevention, Reuse and Recycling at schools in an entertaining way.


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ZerowastePro #1 Newsletter


Dear reader,

This is one of the two newsletters that will be published during the capitalisation project ZeroWastePro. The project is not lengthy and there is little time for all the planned activities, for which we all visualised to have the maximum impact. Our aims are ambitious and we want to bring closer all stakeholders, that are active in waste management, as well as other activities surrounding this crucial environmental sector such as educators, trainers and policy makers. We chose the best outputs of our previous work on waste and will try to capitalise on that with a number of events, that you can read about in this issue. More events are being planned, international and local. All this information is constantly being uploaded and updated in our website. Moreover, we created a networking platform, in which you are all invited to register and contribute with your project's deliverables, while at the same time promoting your work. But, most importantly, this networking platform was created so that we can cooperate through new consortia and develop new projects related to the sustainable waste management and the promotion of EU prevention strategies.

This newsletter contains articles from the partners of ZeroWastePro, regarding our activities for and with the aid of the project. We hope you will enjoy it!

Keep in touch.

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Green Solutions Guide

green-guideThis guide consists of a collection of good practices concerning green solutions for waste management and precisely for prevention, preparation for reuse and recycling of urban waste. The guide addresses mainly Local and Regional Authorities and aspires to become a useful tool for local and regional decision makers by providing interesting information for successful practices which can be easily transferred and replicated in their communities. This piece of work has been developed through the Capitalisation project “Promoting ZEROWASTE” which is financed by ERDF through MED Programme.

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White Paper

With the look to the Agenda 2020, European Union has put Waste Minimization in the centre of its Environmental Policy. Overconsumption in booming economies is pushing up the price of materials thus increasing the demand for recyclables.

White-paper-Final01Waste is not seen any more as useless material but as a valuable resource for Industry.Thus approaches such as re-use, recycling and energy recovery become core modules of a circular economy.



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