Daphne in the Farmers' Market

dafni01Last Saturday, on June 21st 2014, at the Farmers' Market, Angela Delichatsiou, a Greek American director and actress, gave a performance, focused on the use of plastic bags in Greece, titled "Daphne in the Farmers' Market".

The performance was aiming to raise public awareness about using plastic bags and the negative environmental impacts of this practice. During the performance, the artist represented the nymph Daphne, who was transformed to a tree and distributed free reusable bags made by textile to the public, in order to replace plastic bags with them.

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The Importance of Communication in Waste Management

topbarn leftWasteServ dedicated Zerowaste Pro conference to 'The Importance of Communication in the Waste management Sector' to which a number of waste management stakeholders and foreign experts were invited.

The conference was opened by Hon Leo Brincat, Minister for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change. In his speech, Mr Brincat emphasised the importance of communication especially at this moment in time when European countries are expecting new EU waste directives to be issued soon.

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International event and thematic workshop in Syracuse

svimed-workshop-01ZEROWASTE PRO – International event and thematic workshop in Syracuse - Towards a circular economy at zero waste

In Syracuse, last September 18 experts from all over Italy were invited to discuss how in Europe and in Italy we are going from a linear model of economy to that of circular economy.

Françoise Bonnet, director of ACR +, pointed out that for years the experts are moving in that direction and that the concept of sustainability contains implicitly the concept of circular economy. The new model is declined in several areas and for this reason during the workshop "Towards a circular economy at zero waste" several roundtables were held to address different issues about environmental sustainability: from prevention of waste with mass retails to the reuse centers, from education and environmental communication to the management of waste services to the protection of the marine and coastal environment (marine litter).

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Waste management system in Sarajevo Canton

serda-picWaste management in Sarajevo Canton is regulated by the Law for communal activities. Performance of public utilities for collection, transport of household waste and waste from companies and disposal on the landfill is in responsibility of Sarajevo Canton, Ministry of spatial planning and environment protection. In Sarajevo Canton, differently from other part of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, situation is specific and for waste collection for nine municipalities of Sarajevo Canton there is only one operator for waste collection and transport of the waste – Cantonal Public Communal Company RAD.

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SERDA info day on 18th November 2014

serda-infoday-01Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency SERDA actively works on the preparation of info days and promotion of the project to a wider audience that will include elementary and secondary schools, local government and small and medium enterprises.

The first info day was held on 18th November 2014 in the premises of the Agency where the project was presented, project partners, activities and expected results, as well as The European Union's approach to waste management, which is based on three main priorities: reduce and reuse (prevention) and recycling, so-called 3R Strategy.

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