A series of important tools have been produced by the partnership of “Promoting ZEROWASTE” Project, funded by ERDF through the European Territorial Cooperation Programme MED 2007-2013. The tools are addressed to Public and Private sector, aiming to provide crucial information to all target groups related to waste management.

Local Authorities can benefit from:

      • the “Guide on Green Waste Management Solutions”, where public administrations, local regional and national authorities can find references and easy access to the best available and tested practices in the fields of prevention of waste, preparation for reuse and recycling developed throughout the EU in the last decade.
      • “Training Guide” for Local Government officers, in order to help Local and regional authorities to organise and develop training courses for their staff on the topics of Green Waste Management Solutions.
      • “Communication Campaign” material ready to be used by Local and Regional Authorities only by adding their logos, in order to set up awareness raising campaigns for citizens.
      • On-line Networking Platform which is a virtual meeting point of operators and scientists specialized in waste management. It contains a Library with Waste Management information material, including good practices. The Platform is open to anyone who would like to join either to contribute with information or to benefit from its content.
      • CO2 Calculator handbook: Instructions for using CO2ZW online tool which helps measure the CO2 footprint of the Municipalities and Regions depending on the waste management scheme they use. The handbook is available in English, Greek and Catalan and will be soon available in Spanish, Italian, Croatian and Slovenian. A video tutorial for using the CO2ZW calculator is also available in English and Greek.  

Schools can benefit from:

      • the “Educational Tool on Recycling”, addressed to teachers in order to help them organise activities for the classroom regarding prevention, reuse and recycling.

Companies can benefit from:

      • “White Paper on SMEs and Industrial Areas”. The document aims at encouraging and assisting SMEs to integrate waste management within structures. Through methodological recommendations and best practice factsheets, it provides valuable tips to target actions to conduct and assess their benefits and tangible results, either through individual actions or through collective actions within an Industrial Area (IA). The document can be downloaded from:

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