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Ambiente Italia is a group working at national and international level in the field of research, consulting and planning activities towards environmental sustainability. Since 1985 our experts have been working on projects designing standards and benchmarks for the most important environmental policies in Italy. The earliest experiences in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Energy Planning for Regions and Municipalities, Environmental Reporting, Local Agenda 21, Environmental Management Systems and Ecoinnovation, Waste management planning, Land and mobility sustainable policies: in all these items along three decades our group gave an important contribution to Local Authorities and private sector for the achievement of innovative methods and tools.


• over 1000 projects carried out on behalf of local and national authorities and private companies
• permanent participation to EU research programmes
• European acknowledgement of expertise
• participation to distinguished international networks

• high level staff with interdisciplinary competences
• An extended network of consultants and local experts
• Head office in Milan and 3 local offices in Rome, Pisa, Treviso
• Engineering division: Ambiente Italia Progetti s.r.l. (since 2010)


Waste Management Picture in your country



Chianti waste less http://www.wasteless-in-chianti.it/

  • Design and implementation of a “waste-less” label for offices, shops, bars and restaurants, agriturism, bed&breakfast and hotels etc.
  • Revision of local collection schemes, accounting systems, collection fees and regulatory frameworks.
  • Promotion of the use and marketing of recycled materials, with particular reference to compost and inert materials.
  • Development of a monitoring-tool of the waste reduction.

NOWA - No Waste

  • Mapping the best experiences of waste reduction in mass retailers already developed at national level.
  • Developing a waste reduction plan, to be tested with the local mass retailers in the Municipalities of Reggio Emilia and Trento.
  • Implementing a feasibility study for the creation of a “re-use center” which allows the recovery of non-food unsold items.

Website: www.ambienteitalia.it

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Address: Via Poerio 39, 20129, Milano
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Telephone Number: +39 02 277441
Contact Person: Lorenzo Bono

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