Green Island under development in Bedekovcina, Croatia

A Green Island is being prepared in Bedekovcina Municipality, Croatia. The Green Island will be a kiosk where citiens can recycle several types of materials and schools learn about recycling through recreational activities.


Green Island under development in Bedekovina, Croatia


Through Project ZEROWASTE PRO a unique Green Island is implemented in Municipality of Bedekovčina, Croatia.

Why unique?
This Green Island is unique because it consists of eight different bins for waste disposal, including separation of:

-          Paper, Cardboard, Tetra pack

-          Plastic

-          Glass

-          Metal

-          Textile

-          Batteries

-          Bulbs

-          Small EE waste

Next to Green Island an info board with memory board are set. Info board includes information on ZEROWASTE PRO Project, best practices on sustainable waste management and composition of household waste with data of percentage. Memory board enables “learning through play” about proper waste sorting.

To make information about proper waste sorting more accessible to citizens, leaflet with information on how to separate and dispose waste properly was made. This leaflet will be given to citizens through an Info day for citizens.

In next few weeks we will also provide separate disposal of bulbs and EE waste in residential buildings.

At the beginning of this year, municipality of Bedekovcina, together with its utility company Komunalno Zabok, has introduced a door-to-door waste sorting. Because of that, ZEROWASTE PRO project co-financed by European Regional Development Fund is being implemented at the best time for municipality as it will strengthen education and effort of sustainable waste management.


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