Ecological Recycling Society (ERS)

Description-and Activities of our organization

Ecological Recycling Society (ERS) was founded 1990 from a group of people with a common vision: the protection of the environment from the reckless management of waste, natural resources, water and energy. ERS from 1990 until today is activated in local, national, European and international level to the following sectors:

  • Prevention and sustainable management of waste
  • Sustainable management of natural resources and energy
  • Organizing and supporting programs of prevention, reuse and recycling of waste and composting
  • Information and sensitization of citizens & stakeholders
  • Promotion of sustainable production and consumption


In general ERS has implemented programs and actions of information and Sensitization in various ways, such as:

  • Door to Door information and sensitization campaign of citizens
  • Participation in European Campaigns of information and sensitization
  • Organization/attendance in events
  • Television Documentary Production
  • Participation to exhibitions

Waste Management Picture in your Country


Contact Details ( address, email, telephone number, contact person, website)


Mamai 3, 10440, Athens, Greece

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+30 210 8224481

Homatidis Dimitri


What previous experiences are you bringing to the project


  • Med 2007-2013: Low Cost Zero Waste Municipality
  • Life + Environment policy and Governance: The Development of Pay as you Throw Systems in Hellas, Estonia and Cyprus
  • LIFE Environment: GreenBanking4Life
  • Grundtvig, Socrates: Growing with compost
  • LIFE Environment: Starting with the Promotion of the IPP Approach in Mediterranean Countries

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